It’s time to Go Green for Free and we can help!

Federal rebates, increasing utility costs, improved high efficiency technology coupled with DRF’s industry leading team of professionals makes Going Green easy! Our team of engineers, licensed service technicians, in-house utility analysts will ensure your savings goals are met.

  • Reduce current natural gas costs 45% – 70%.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs.
  • Reduce exposure to rising utility costs by engineering and designing the most efficient equipment package that literally pays for itself!
  • We will provide the road map and detailed plan along with independent third party data to show you how this program saves you money instead of costing you money.
  • We will fill out the applications, do calculations and guide you through the rebate programs. You get the check.
  • Improve property value, capture savings today and let the new investment pay for itself.
  • Get LEED points for your property through increased efficiency.
  • Receive a comprehensive utility purchase contract review to further optimize your savings.
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