Dominican University - Boiler Project

Natural Resource Savings through DRF's Resource Conservation Solutions Program - 30 acre University Campus in River Forest, IL.

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Custom designed condensing boiler system with 2.5 year payback.

DU Campus BldgThe goal of the project was to eliminate the need to operate a steam boiler during the cooling season. The dedicated summer boiler, operating 24/7, 365, was using massive amounts of gas for space heat and domestic hot water. The summer load included domestic hot water and A/C reheat for some original campus buildings. Shutting down the summer boiler would reduce utility costs dramatically.

DU tankless system

DU tankless system

DRF developed creative solutions that provided financial benefits and qualified for the Nicor Gas EEP Business Custom Incentive Program Rebate. Metropolitan Industries was able to build equipment per DRF’s specifications. DRF guaranteed annual savings of 100,000 therms with a payback period of 2.8 years to help DU move forward with the project. A multi-unit tankless hot water system addressed domestic hot water, while a chiller heat recovery system eliminated the reheat load from the library. A combination reheat and domestic hot water condensating boiler system addressed the resource load in Parmer Hall.

The project cost came to $348,000 with a rebate amount of $132,376 for a payback period of 2.5 years. Domincan University’s annual therm saving is 132,376 with an environmental impact: equivalent to saving CO2 emissions from the energy use of 57 homes for one year.

Dominican University’s projected 20-year Savings is 2.65M therms totaling $1,696,000.

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