Preventing Toxins in Your Water Supply. Are you at risk? – Backflow Prevention

Believe it or not, these days it is required by law to have a reduced pressure zone valve installed with an irrigation system. If you have an older irrigation system, you may have an older valve that may not be up to code. But how do you know? Your property may be at risk for contamination which can cost you big bucks in many ways.

DRF has a simple proactive solution that our RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) professionals can assist you in a full service capacity.

What you may need is a backflow prevention valve which allows water to flow in only one direction, keeping chemicals, contaminants, and other toxins from entering your water supply. To ensure that your water supply is protected against contaminants, DRF can install a dependable backflow prevention system. We have RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) professionals who have received extensive training in all aspects of backflow prevention systems and are CCCDI (Cross-Connection Control Device Inspector) certified.

By selecting DRF Water Heating Solutions, you are selecting a fully licensed plumbing contractor. Our trained, knowledgeable professionals can provide you with a custom RPZ solution that will keep your water free of contaminants and safe for everyday use.

Simply call DRF Water Heating Solutions to speak with an RPZ specialist.