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How safe is your water?

Contaminants in municipal water supply lines can be picked up as water travels to your home.

Though municipal water supplies are generally considered “safe” by EPA standards when the water leaves the treatment plant, it is not 100% contaminant-free. Also, water travels through miles and miles of pipes and can pick up more contaminants before reaching your home. In addition, construction activities to repair or replace water mains, service lines or water meters may increase lead levels in the water supply.

DRF’s water filtration system offerings can eliminate 99.99% of contaminants from your water – including any that may have been picked up while traveling from its source to your home. Our highly experienced, licensed technicians install high-quality water treatment products and whole house water filtration systems that will provide clean, safe water.


Water filtration systems provide many benefits.
Just a few of these include:

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