Review from Ben C

Kevin et al did a wonderful job. Installation was no sweat for these guys, they are the professional indeed. It was almost perfect, however there wad a glitch I don't think it was on their part. Someone from the storage side did not stop look and recheck the merchandise before or after loading it. Unit was with a considerable damage on the top casing. With a hefty price you paid for the unit and have installed you rather have a unit that's fit the price. So his company promised me that they will going to have it replace, good deal.!!! So until next time I would probably be invited to write here again soon as the new unit is installed.
Customer Ben C
Location Bartlett, Illinois
Date October 2, 2018

Water Heater Services Provided

This Bartlett, Illinois customer needed to replace a 13 year old 50 gallon Bradford white single family home water heater in their single family home. The existing water heater was located in the customer’s basement. Since Bartlett requires a safety inspection for this service, DRF assisted this customer in obtaining the required documents prior to the installation.

The DRF technician Kevin L is a state licensed plumber. As part of the hassle-free water heater services offered by DRF, the technician addressed any required safety improvements to prevent any safety concerns to keep this family and home safe.

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