Should Naperville Residents do their own plumbing?

Many homeowners in Naperville find themselves asking the question, should I do my own plumbing or hire a professional licensed plumber? This particular question about plumbing maintenance is asked especially around the holidays, when everyone is trying to save a buck to put toward their holiday shopping.

If you’re walking the Naperville Riverwalk this holiday season and find yourself thinking “I really would rather spend money on Christmas presents than a licensed plumber” –DRF Water Heating Solutions understands your concerns.

Technically, while it is illegal to perform plumbing services on another person’s home without being licensed by the state, it is legal for a Naperville homeowner to conduct their own plumbing fixes within their own home. DRF Water Heating Solutions helps provide insights into assisting those adventurous shoppers that choose the DIY method for plumbing repairs by sharing posts, videos and emails filled with helpful information to do just that.

Of course Murphy’s Law states there is always a risk, especially when it comes to someone attempting a task they are not trained for. In the event Naperville shoppers think they would rather play it safe a hire a professional plumber to fix their repairs, DRF Water Heating Solutions has a motto: get it done right first.


By hiring a local professional plumber in Naperville, Il, homeowners reduce the risk of a more costly project and thus have more cash to spend this holiday season. DRF Water Heating Solutions’ team consist of many licensed and trained professionals that provide services from garbage disposal and clogged toilet repairs to their highly renowned service of installing a water heater. Selecting DRF to install your water heater or something else that effects the plumbing and smooth running of your home, will help ensure installation is completed properly and in a manner that will avoid any safety concern.

This holiday season, friends of Naperville – will you be a DIY adventurer or be a play-it-safer and hire a professionally licensed plumber of DRF Water Heating Solutions? Either way, we’re here to help!