Why a Water Softener can be a Water Heater’s Best Friend

Why a Water Softener can be a Water Heater’s Best Friend

If you live in Illinois, you are no stranger to hard water. In fact, hard water is prominent all throughout the US.

home pg water heating tileWhat is hard water? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Some indicators of hard water can be staining in toilets and scale on water fixtures – like faucets and showers. Dry skin and flat hair can also be indicative of hard water.

How does water become hard? Water becomes hard when it infiltrates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are actually calcium and magnesium.  The water picks up these minerals and can travel through miles and miles of pipeline – to your home.

Knowing these few facts about hard water, you can begin to understand how hard water can affect not only plumbing fixtures but water-using appliances too, including your water heater.

If mineral deposits start to form in your water heater, that leaves less room for water to be heated and decreases the efficiency of your water heater. The longer your water heater continues to heat hard water, the more minerals build up, shortening the life of your water heater

A water softener effectively removes many of the minerals before they can damage your water heater, extending the life and efficiency.

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