DRF saves Chatham Park Village Cooperative with resource conservation solutions

Would your company, educational facility, or commercial property like a projected 20 year savings of 4.5 million dollars?

Or how about a giant rebate check for over $600K for your resource conservation?

DRF Water Heating Solutions Saved Chatham Village Cooperative $656,245

By partnering with a resource conservation solutions specialist like DRF Water Heating Solutions, it is an efficient way to make a difference. You will save time, money and energy.

At Chatham Park Village Cooperative, DRF replaced 65 boilers and 63 commercial water heaters with 126 modulating condensing boilers and 84 indirect water heaters, earning them a utility rebate of $656,245.

To date, DRF has helped commercial buildings, multi-family properties and educational facilities save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions of therms, including:

To find out more about installing energy-efficient commercial boiler equipment, water heaters, and more through our Resource Conservation Solutions program, contact us. We serve businesses, properties and universities throughout northern Illinois.