DRF provides hot water solution for Roscoe, Illinois Church food pantry.

Members of Hope Evangelical Free Church in Roscoe Illinois united together in anticipation to launch a food pantry for their local community. Like any project, many hurdles had been encountered along the way. One such obstacle was that Hope Church needed to have their water heater replaced. The church needed to be sure they had enough hot water to serve the public.

The charming single story church has been around for many years, with a large section remodeled. The water heater was located in the older section of the church in a unique and difficult to reach spot. Their current water heater happened to be placed above a closet which was like an attic-type space. Ten feet from the ground floor, the current non-working water heater sat in a small roughly 3ft by 3ft open space.

Hope Church called around to see what could be done due to the awkward spacing and obvious uneasiness of install. Once they reached out to the local Home Depot of Roscoe Illinois, DRF Water Heating Solutions, the authorized plumbing service provider for Home Depot happily accepted the challenge of the installation. DRF’s hot water experts were eager to get their hands dirty in their usual forte – especially once finding out it was for a good cause.

Since Hope Church had not budgeted for a new water heater in order to launch the food pantry, DRF and the Home Depot partnered together to provide a discount to allow them to get the food pantry up and running immediately. The church and community would not have to wait any longer than necessary for the opening of the pantry.

Within roughly an hour, the old water heater was removed and the shiny new Rheem water heater was hoisted up and installed properly to code. It’s funny how one water heater installation can make such a difference in the community.