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Tank or Tankless? What Solution is Right for You?

What are Tank & Tankless Water Heaters?

When it’s time to replace your water heater, there are two basic solutions – either a traditional tank water heater or a new high efficiency tankless model.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are “always on” – operating all day, every day to keep stored hot water at the preset temperature until it’s needed. The amount of hot water they supply is limited by the capacity of the tank, usually 40 or 50 gallons for most homes.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters operate “on demand” – heating water only when it’s needed, and then provide an endless supply of hot water at maximum flow of 5.1 gallons per minute and 70°F water temperature rise.

Tank Water Heater Facts

Water heaters account for nearly 17% of a home's energy use, consuming more energy than all other household appliances combined. (source: energystar.gov)
60% of water heater replacements are made during an emergency situation. (source: energystar.gov)
An Energy Star qualified water heater can save a household up to $285 a year on energy bills compared to a non-qualified model. (source: energystar.gov)

Tankless Water Heater Facts

Tankless water heaters are only installed in about 4% of US homes, but are increasing in popularity every year. (source: energystar.gov)
Tankless water heaters are up to 34% more energy efficient than tank models. (source: energystar.gov)
A gas tankless water heater can pay for itself through energy savings in as little as 7 years. (source: energystar.gov)

Comparing Water Heaters

Tank Water Heater Tankless Water Heater
How do they work? Always on to keep stored water at the preset temperature. Operates on demand to quickly bring water to the preset temperature for as long as it's needed.
How long do they last?
  • Lasts 7-10 years on average
  • Typical warranty: 6 years
  • Up to 12 year warranty available
  • Lasts 20 years or more on average
  • Typical warranty: 6 years
  • Industry-leading 20 year warranty available
What happens when they fail? All tank water heaters eventually leak. In 7 of 10 cases, the tank ruptures dumping 40 or more gallons of water onto the floor - then up to 15 gallons per minute until the water supply is shut off. No tank to burst, so no flooding or damage to surroundings and no mess to clean up.
What's the difference in cost? Cost less because of their less sophisticated design, shorter life expectancy and ability to be more easily replaced utilizing existing venting, gas, and plumbing connections. Cost more because of a more powerful burner, computerized controls, longer life expectancy, and the need to reconfigure gas, plumbing and venting in a replacement situation.

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