DRF Provides New Water Heater for Customer in Need

When the doctor diagnosed Gary with Multiple Sclerosis, he took time to let the news sink in.

He broke the news to his elderly mother, who lives on her own and depends upon Gary to take care of her. He started to think about his job. How long could he continue to drive over an hour to O’Hare Airport? He made plans to tell his family and friends because he was concerned about people thinking he no longer wanted to help with yard work, housework, or any type of physical activity.

There were the finances. How much would the medications, appointments, and therapy cost? Where would the money come from if he could no longer work?

And of course, the realization that your life’s plans were going to be severely altered.

Michael, a DRF Water Heating Solutions employee, is a long-time friend of Gary. They grew up together, worked on their first car together, and have been close for over 35 years. He wanted to do something to help.

He knew Gary was making plans to cross off to-do items at a much quicker pace because of the MS and he also knew Gary’s water heater was old and needed to be replaced.

A DRF licensed plumber prepares to remove Gary’s old water heater.

Michael approached DRF CEO Scott Schnurr about replacing Gary’s water heater. Without hesitation, Scott agreed to take care of Gary.

Gary’s current water heater set up was unique. Set up on a shelf, high above normal level, and not up to code, the new installation would need three plumbers, hours of work, and a lot of patience.

But with the help of the team at DRF, Gary’s water heater was not only replaced, but the current heater is now up to code and comes with a guarantee.

The new water heater supplied and installed by DRF will provide Gary with hot water for years to come.

“It’s a very small item on the list of things Gary has to deal with, but we were in a position to help, so we did,” Scott said. “I hope not having to worry about this one thing will allow Gary to have a little more peace.”

When the project was finished, Gary was very grateful.

“I know everyone—including Michael—look at this as a small thing, but when you’re in this situation these are the things you start to think about,” Gary said. “And having this taken care of means a lot to me. I just want to thank everyone at DRF.”

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