DRF Responds to National Water Heater Shortage

Dedicated to Water Heating Solutions for all Customers

Global supply chain shortages and disruptions, due to the pandemic, combined with shipping delays and pandemic-related plant closures have resulted in a shortage of both tank and tankless water heaters. In addition, rising material and manufacturing costs have resulted in rapidly increasing prices of water heaters. Currently, many products and styles from every manufacturer have been difficult or at times impossible to obtain.

In response to these challenges, DRF Water Heating Solutions has taken these steps to better serve our customers:

• Increased inventory levels of the most popular models to ensure product availability to serve our customers
• Leveraged bulk truckload purchases of products to manage costs
• Continually working with suppliers to secure the best inventory and value available

Due to supply chain constraints, product availability, and rapidly changing costs, quotes will be honored for 48 hours. We reserve the option to substitute products, with your permission, with similar products if necessary due to product availability limitations.

DRF is dedicated to serving our customers quickly with the best value-based solutions possible now and in the future.

For more information, contact DRF Water Heating Solutions.