Review from Amy M

It was a very unpleasant Sunday evening when I realized that my 14-year-old water heater had finally given up the ghost and had begun leaking. With 90 minutes to go until closing time, I ran to Home Depot and chose a new unit. Home Depot connected me with DRF Plumbing, their recommended installer in my area. By 9:00 the next morning, Andrew and Scott had arrived with my new water heater. They were extremely polite and professional, explaining everything very clearly and answering all my questions. As they were doing the installation, the utility company arrived to install our new gas meter. Things could have gotten a little crazy at that point, but Andrew and Scott worked with the gas company workers to make sure everything was completed and checked after the gas came back on. They cleaned the area where they'd been working and finished the installation within 2 hours. I was very impressed with them and the quality of their work, and I felt the charges for their labor were reasonable and fair. They made my Monday morning much better than my Sunday evening, for sure! I would definitely recommend this company.
Customer Amy M
Location Wheaton, Illinois
Date April 23, 2018

Water Heater Services Provided

This Wheaton, Illinois customer needed to replace a 14 year old 50 gallon GE gas water heater in their single family home. The existing water heater was located in the customer’s utility room. Since Wheaton requires a safety inspection for this service, DRF assisted this customer in obtaining the required documents prior to the installation.

The DRF technician Andrew M. is a state licensed plumber. As part of the hassle-free water heater services offered by DRF, the technician addressed any required safety improvements to prevent any safety concerns to keep this family and home safe.

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