Review from David R

I'm very impressed. Today I stopped by Home Depot to check on the possibility of getting a new hot water heater. Mind you, it was after 12 noon. The customer service I received there was nothing less than outstanding. The two sales reps that I talked to were both courteous and professional. The gentelman from plumbing even escorted me to customer service, called your company, handed the phone to me and stayed me through the completion of the call. His name was Greg. The customer representative to whom I spoke to on the phone was Pam. Again, outstanding customer service. She spoke a lot, all about my options, which included three variations of service. She was so polite and took the time to make sure I understood each and every aspect of the three options. She answered my questions and I was able to make notes on a pad that Greg, from Home Depot gave to me to write on, including his pen. When Pam told me that I could get same day service since my call was before 2pm, I was impressed, but reserved that it would actually happen. Pam told me everything I needed to know, including that my city required a $75.00 building permit. When I got to Public Works, my paperwork was waiting for me! Nothing in my life works this well! I was still doubtful about the service being done today, and had planned to take a vacation day tomorrow. Seriously. On the way to Public Works, a gentleman from your company called to confirm that I would hear from someone for instillation within two hours. Again, I had reserved anticipation. Things just don't seem to work this well, and I don't hold too high of a standard. I know business is difficult. So I came home to wait. Then I received a confirming phone call at about 3:50 from a lady telling me that Andy would be here by 4:10. The utility Gods were shining on me. I went out to the curb at 4:00 to converse with a couple of neighbors who where gathered to talk about the flooding issues in the neighborhood. I mentioned that I was expecting a new hot water heater, and there was Andy, driving down the street. He parked on the street as I waved to him to indicate that I was the one expecting him. I offered for him to park in my driveway, but he informed me that that was against policy. Andy, working solo, came in and assessed the job. I offered to help where I could, like removing the old heater, but assured me he could handle it. While I was in my backyard, he worked to get the job done. Not only did he complete the job effectively and efficiently, he told me what codes that needed to be updated. He informed me of what he would do and the reason he was doing it. When the job was done, he reviewed what he did and what I should do to maintain the unit. So impressive. Often I hear people say that customer service is gone in America. I now have a different response. I'm delighted. On Friday I should get the inspection from the city. While I won't hold your employees responsible for that report, I'm hoping that I can walk away with the same satisfaction. Keep doing what you're doing, the way you are doing it. One happy customer, David Rongey.
Customer David R
Location Highland Park, Illinois
Date July 17, 2017

Water Heater Services Provided

This Highland Park, Illinois customer needed to replace a 12 year old 50 gallon gas water heater in their single family home. The existing water heater was located in the customer’s first floor. Since Highland Park requires a safety inspection for this service, DRF assisted this customer in obtaining the required documents prior to the installation.

The DRF technician Andy G. is a state licensed plumber. As part of the hassle-free water heater services offered by DRF, the technician addressed any required safety improvements to prevent any safety concerns to keep this family and home safe.

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